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sun hydraulics cavity cutting tool regrinding At Clinton Cutting Tools we have been serving our customers with precision cutting tool resharpening and coating since we opened our doors in 1989. Our goal is to manufacture custom made blueprint carbide cutting tools and to deliver these special carbide tools in an expedited manner. After all, time is money, and we understand what it means to have maximum machine uptime for a responsible business.

In manufacturing special tools, our concentration has always been to support the prototype, and small batch tooling industry. We have relationships with carbide suppliers from all over the world, as well as our inventory allows us to meet production needs.

When your engineering department or machine operator needs a price on a blueprint cutting tool, our sales staff will do our best to have that quote for you within 24 hours. Our delivery on special carbide tools is geared to meet your company needs.

We have simplified the ordering process.

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Your needs are defined.

Your team submits inquiries about price and quantity to our office.

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Order reached us.

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Order is processed in 24 hours

Once we have reviewed your order specifications, our team will try their best to get the quote back to you withing 24 Hours (business hours). Our goal is to have you up and running quickly.

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Cutting Costs

There’s no middle man involved. Our in-house resharpening service allows us to pass the savings directly to our customers. Our Recoating services has a 3-day turn around.

We, Clinton Cutting Tools are well known in the industry for our state of the art re-sharpening tool service. We do all the cavity tool re-sharpening in-house which helps us keep your costs at a fraction of the cost of our competition. Also, we can have your cavity tools shipped to you a lot faster because of our in-house services. We cut the cost by half and have you up and running much more quickly than anyone else.

Our re-sharpening focus is on multi-step tools which include all styles of Hydraulic cavity tools. Delivery on a standard Sun Hydraulic cavity tool or similar is two to three weeks.
Can you imagine the loss of revenue for your business if your machine is down for four weeks?
We have the capability and experience to cut that time frame in half, saving you money on the cavity tool re-sharpening and helping you maintain your productivity at a maximum.

Our Mission

Clinton Cutting Tools is committed to providing fast turnaround on your cutting tool re-sharpening needs. Our aim is to accomplish our mission with a commitment to high quality and quick delivery. Our commitment includes superior quality.


At Clinton Cutting Tools we believe that your success is our success.

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